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May 12, 2012 @ 11:43am

A Night of Mystery at Sweet Decadence Newcastle, WA  By Tina Treatsome

Oh the game is a foot!! Or is it afoot? Perhaps it’s not a foot at all it’s a MYSTERY! YUP due to popular demand we have brought back Mystery Theater Dinner Night… What could be better that a grand prize of beautiful Garnet Earrings provided by Newcastle Jewelers, amazing food, wine, coffee, dessert and naturally Chocolate! The dinner will include serious yumminess!! This three hour dinner show is amazingly priced at $65.00 per person and reservations will be required. Space is limited so please act fast! You can call the shop at 425-572-6572 or make reservations on line here.

April 27, 2012 @ 11:36pm

Come meet Mack Strong of the Seattle Seahawks and help us support his foundation TEAMWORKS!  Where else would you rather be? Draft weekend, find out what Mack thinks about our picks, Saturday 4-6. Relive 2005 in this video- 30 yard run by Mack at 45 seconds in, referee goes down :-) at 1:16 (fitting for 2005), Mack makes the key block to score Alexander at 2:48. Seattle Seahawk 2005 Highlights (youtube video) Read more...

The NEWCASTLE Tattler - A Night of Mystery at Sweet Decadence

Who Will Be Crowned the Next Ms Sweet Decadence? By Tina Treatsome

Newcastle is all a buzz, (and not just with coffee jitters this time folks), but with the anticipation of who will have the honor of being crowned Ms Sweet Decadence of 2012. Rumor has it that Ms Sweet Decadence of 2011 herself will be on hand to pass the coveted fondue fork and crown to the new honoree. Read more...


November 23, 2011 @ 1:00pm

Whew! I feel like saying dear Mom sorry it’s been so long since I have written home. Seems like things have just been crazy! Or perhaps it’s just me? Well you knew that…. So now that summer is gone (did it ever really come?) what’s up with Sweet D? Well I will try to keep this simple as I am sure you are gearing up for Fridays sales and craziness and you need your rest

  •  Open Thursday 9am to 2pm! So since you will possibly be busy Thursday evening, J why not join us again for the third year (yup three years can ya believe it?) for Crepes and Mimosa’s. We will also have our happy Barista doing her thing on the espresso machine. So we will be making Happy Coffee, Noisy Eggnog Lattes and possibly the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE this side of Coal Creek Parkway and this side of I-405. (didn’t want to brag too much) I think Cheryl’s got some free wine tasting going on as well. She has this one sparkling Red Wine that is SIMPLY Fabulous! And when paired with our Strawberry truffle…. Holy Juicy Strawberry delight Batman!
  •  Wine tastings on this Friday We will be joined by our local Wine Maker Scott Fivash …… He will be tasting some fabulouso (haha spell check tried to correct that hee hee) wine. Check out some of the wines on www.fivashcellars.com Free tasting 5pm to 9pm
  •  Chocolate Class Tuesday Dec 13 Please make your reservations EARLY for this class. This will be a great class that will feature a DWI. Guess that’s not so appealing unless its Dipping With Intensity! Bill Fredericks “the Chocolate Man” of Seattle will be coaching us during this three hour class. This truffle making class will feature making chocolate with adult beverages. Promises to be a great night! Hiccup! See our website for more info! $60.00 pp
  • Pre-order if you want what you really want Seriously, if you know you are going to want some of your favorites (or your wife’s, husbands, families or co-workers faves) please pre order no matter HOW SMALL or Large that order is. We run out of the favorites and they take time to make so if you can just preorder I will be SOOOOOOOO happy as then YOU are not disappointed. Please please please? Ok ….
  • New Menu Join us for DINNER and LUNCH!! We are open Thursday Friday and Saturday til 10pm for dinner. We also do Lunch 11 – 3pm Mon – Sat. Seriously? Don’t believe me? Check out our menu!  SEE I am not pullin your leg! And Free Wine tasting on Thursdays
  • Wine Clearance So Cheryl wants to get some new wines in here so we are having a blow out of some of our wines to made room! So come in and get some while supplies last…. Seriously these are priced amazingly.
  • Mystery Theater Ok…. We may be doing this in Feb. stay tuned
  • Chocolate! New and also Back on Shelves Chocolates! Take the Cab (cherry amaretto and brandy) Girl Scout Cookie (Kahlua baileys and cream de’ menthe) a NEW caramel our Amaretto Sour (yup made another yummy mistake) and Burnt Caramel (very cream brulee-ish)
  • Gluten Free Cookies! Try our Peanut butter and chocolate chip gluten free cookies… they are yummister! (yeah I kinda make up words as I think the old words need modifying.)

Also don’t forget we are a great place to get your coffee and fresh baked pastries in the morning! If you have the desire to take some for your workmates (sounds so pirateish) or family please feel free to PRE-Order even just the night before… Love to help ya!!! 425-572-6572 please call (please don’t email as I may miss it). And don’t miss us for Lunch with homemade yummy soups and freshly made salads. Remember Dinner is served Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5 - 9pm so now you just gotta come visit us! Thank you again for an amazing three years of support!
Sweetly, Sandra

May 5, 2011 @ 10:08am

Join us tonight for free wine tasting our Happy Hour between 5pm – 9pm.

We will be joined by Sonie and Doc Hansen pouring their latest wine finds:

Convergence Zone out of Woodinville

· 2010 DEWPOINT Dry Riesling, tropical aromas, touch of sweetness and refreshing.
· 2008 Storm Front 60% Merlot 40% Cab Sauv. YUMMY! This wine received 91 points from Wine Spectator. Now I am not sure what that means but anytime I received a 91 in school that was pretty awesome. So come give this a try. (you know I am kidding)
· Ginkgo Forest Syrah This got best in Show, Best Red and Double Gold. (sounds like a high breed Irish Setter that dives) But I am thinking it will be amazing.

Join us for dinner, some new happy hour items, sips and giggles.

Love to see ya this weekend!

Thank you again for all the amazing support. I neglected to mention in an email but thank you so much for helping us make it to our third year anniversary on May 1st! I can’t tell you how awesome the last three years have been. Thank you again for making us so welcome in our community!


April 14, 2011 @ 4:53pm

Free Wine tasting tonight!

We have the most amazing Raspberry Port that you have ever tasted. And for those that know me know I don’t love ports. But this one will amaze your palate! It’s a local wine from Whidbey Island. Will SERIOUSLY WOW your tastebuds. :-)

Also, a incredible Sangiovese from Wilridge. Its wonderful! Come on down! Join us for dinner and wine or coffee or some of our amazing teas.

Also there is still space available for our chocolate class on Monday April 25th with Bill Fredericks “the Chocolate Man”. This class is at 7pm and will be super awesome! We will be doing Tulips and more springy chocolates! $50.00 Per person for three hours and take home chocolates :-) So make your reservations!

Remember we have launched our new summer (um at least WE have launched summer) hours and we are open til 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Hope to see you soon!



March 17, 2011 @ 8:17am

Hi all!
Can you believe we are almost at three years? Who ever thought I would make it out of the terrible twos…. But I have not misbehaved too terribly much. Although NOW I understand why my Mom stopped with me. (yup I am the baby)

So much has been going on! Lets just do a quick highlight!

New Chocolates!

  • Girl Scout Cooking (no gluten) Kahlua, Baileys and Crème de’ Menthe

  • New Day Tropic - Banana Coconut and Rum.. = YUM! This is the chocolate I made on the New Day Northwest show! If you missed it check it out on my site They were awesome!

New Wines!

Come join us for our Free wine tasting tonight.

  • Sorenson 2008 Sangiovese, Washington Wine

  • Dos Fincas 2010, Cab / Malbec, Argentina

  • Trio Vintners 2007 Sangiovese / Cab / Syrah, Washington Wine

Don’t feel like wine? Try our ever so delightful Tea’s. Our Blood Orange is almost sherbet like… we also have a chamomile that is to LIVE for. Ever so tasty. A new dinner menu is on as well. Try our toasted ravioli plate or our chicken tacos.

If you have not been in lately come try our Homemade Soups. Made fresh daily J Join us for lunch. We will also be serving them for dinner on Thursday and Friday. We are open til 10pm! YUP THAT’S NEW! If you are here we will stay til 10pm :-) Come see us :-)

Fresh homemade Quiches are getting raving reviews.

Lots happening so come and join us… Thank you so much for all the support. I am so extremely appreciative of our community and home!

Sweetly, Sandra


January 27, 2011 @ 4:12pm

FREE Wine and Chocolate pairing with the wines we are featuring at the chocolate festival. Come tell us your favorites so that we can announce Newcastles Favorite on the New Day Show on King 5 at 11:00am on Feb 1st!

Tonight and Friday night until 9pm and Saturday 1 – 5pm. Here are the choices:
   · Ginkgo Forest 2008 Grenache – paired with the Dark Espresso Truffle
   · Kalamar 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon – paired with the Blackberry Truffle
   · Sorensen 2007 Malbec - Paired with our NEW Girlscout Cookie truffle (mixture of Kahlua, Baileys and Crème De’ Menthe) fun girlscouts!

Love to have you join us tonight or tomorrow. What a great way to start the weekend! But hey if you can’t make it tonight or tomorrow Saturday will work too!

Soup is Chicken and Dumpling and its yummy and homemade.

Don’t forget to pre purchase your Wine and Chocolate Festival tickets here at a discounted price. $12.00 gets you a Reidel glass and entry both Friday and Saturday.

Thanks so much for your support!

Sweetly, Sandra

January 21, 2011 @ 4:05pm
New Day and FREE Pairings!

Wow there is just so much happening. Look at all the upcoming events!

Feb 4th and 5th – Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival. This years a bit different. This will be a 21 and over event! They have let the wineries out of their cage and let them next to us Chocolatiers. Well this just begs for nothing but trouble! We all know that’s my middle name.

But the BIG News is: February 1st! Guess who will be on the T.V.? nope…. not her.. nope not him…. Wait! ME! How exciting! Tune in at 11am on Channel 5 for New Day! I will be doing a demo to promote the Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival! I can’t wait! Ok maybe I can wait cuz I am pretty nervous. But that aside I wanted to make it an opportunity to promote our local City of Newcastle!

Sooooo Here’s the deal: Free Wine and Chocolate pairing this Friday and Saturday and next Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Jan 21, 22 and Jan 27,28 and 29th). Thurs and Friday will be 5 – 9pm and Saturday 12 – 4pm. So join us and tell us your favorite pairing! Here are your choices of wines all from Washington Wineries: · Ginkgo Forest 2008 Grenache – paired with the Dark Espresso Truffle · Kalamar 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon – paired with the Blackberry Truffle · Sorensen 2007 Malbec - Paired with our NEW Girlscout Cookie truffle (mixture of Kahlua, Baileys and Crème De’ Menthe) fun girlscouts! Then once you have tasted tell us your favorite and I will announce the winner on New Day on Feb 1st. Totally exciting!

Remember we are now featuring a lunch menu with HOMEMADE soups.  And our dinner menu is slowly expanding.

So please come down and taste the chocolate and wine. Sit and relax and let us serve you wonderful wines and a satisfying dinner! Our food is pretty good and well priced!

Thanks again for the support!

Sweetly, Sandra

January 13, 2011 @ 4:55pm
CHICKEN DUMPLINGS.....in a truffle?

Nope! LOL but it caught your attention didn’t it?

However, it’s not too far from what’s new at Sweet Decadence. I felt like the cat in the hat kids just staring out the window at the rain / snow / rain then lots of rain. Then I got a great idea.

Soup! We should do soup! Should we, could we, do a soup? (green eggs and ham reference) So today we have soup and we will have Freshly HOMEMADE soups for lunch and toasted sandwiches! Our new menu will be on our web site shortly! (if not already) Lunch will be served Mon – Sat 11 -3pm. If will still have soup after 3 we still will be happy to feed ya! J Today our soup is … yup you guessed it! Chicken and Dumpling soup and I am telling ya its wonderful! So we will also be serving that for dinner tonight and tomorrow J Remember we are open Thursday and Friday evenings until 9pm. Soooo com’on down!

So tonight we have dinner and wine.

Tomorrow night we have Free Wine tasting… Cheryl has picked out some greats wines to taste and if you love them you can take them home! So we would love to see you this weekend for wine and dinner or coffee and quiche and MORE!

We also have PRESALE tickets to the Wine and Chocolate festival coming up the first weekend in Feb so feel free to pop in and purchase yours soon! http://www.enumclawchocolatefestival.com/home.html  This year is a 21 and over venue and we will be right next to your favorite wineries!

We also are working on some exciting things for this upcoming year so stay tuned!! Thank you again for all the amazing support and encouragement!

Sweetly, Sandra

December 15, 2010 @ 11:35am

This week at Sweet D!
-This Thursday, back by popular demand, is Grant Stott . He’s toured with The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, Peter Noon, Thelma Houston and has made his way back to Newcastle for our entertainment. Come see him live starting at 7pm! If he gets enough fans this week, he will be coming back every Thursday til the end of the year :) Then we can dance through to the end of the year… Heck I may even do the jig for ya… (um… what exactly is the jig?)

-Accompanying Grant Thursday night is Mike Sharadin, Winemaker and Owner of Northwest Totem Cellars, providing a free wine tasting! Their Late Harvest Viognier is amazing! But come try their Cabernet Franc, The Potlatch and Syrah. Even if you have a previous engagement stop by early and try the complimentary chocolate and wine pairing with Mikes amazing Late Harvest Viognier! Its INCREDIBLE!

-And the thirst quenching continues onto Friday night with yet another free wine tasting! This time, it’s from our cellars. Cheryl, one of our own wine tasting experts will be pouring an amazing Lemberger and a gewürztraminer and two other wines!

-If you’re at the shop either of those evenings, take a second look at our appetizer and light meal menu. We made a couple new delish additions, one of them being toasted ravioli, that we are sure you'll love almost as much as all of the free wine tasting.

-Just a reminder, if you’re looking for that perfect something and you want to avoid the mall, come pick out a bottle of wine and we can pair it with some chocolate to make a great gift! And we can fit your budget! These make a bottle of wine into an experience!

-On December 25th, start your day off the Sweet D way! We'll be carrying on our crepes and mimosas’ breakfast tradition from 9am til 2pm. The whole gang will be there, and we would love to see you :) Hope to see you Thursday!!

Sweetly! Sandra

November 19, 2010 @ 11:51am

Happy Friday!!!! We have SO much going on down here! I know, I know, I kinda fell off the earth… Good thing it’s not flat! I mean really what would have happened? Not that I would have been able to walk all the way to the edge, like really who would want to walk to the edge of the earth… then you have all that water to negotiate.. .then decide… do I take a Canoe? Or a Jet Ski… cuz after all who would walk with me, I would probably be alone…… Although… Forest Gump had a following….


So tonight we have our free Wine tasting, remember this is EVERY Friday! So come on down try some new wines. Tonight we are featuring two white wines and two reds. Starts at 5pm! We have the amazing Firehouse Red and a Sangiovese from Whidbey Island!

Remember too that we are now doing our wine and chocolate pairings every Thursday Friday night and Saturday afternoons. Only $20.00 for four 2 ounce pours and four artisian paired chocolates! This experience is SO much fun to share with friends, family or just that one special someone…

Also WE ARE OPEN ON THANKSGIVING! Open 9 – 2 pm for CREPES, Mimosa’s and FREE WINE TASTING! Come hang out and join your friends and neighbors. We are anticipating being busy so bring your sense of humor and patience but please come!

Saturday Nov 20th we have a chocolate class! (sorry for the short notice)
Dipping with Intensity Chocolate Class, 6pm. DWI Bill Fredericks joins us once again to show us how to infuse wine, brandy and other adult beverages into our chocolate enjoyment! Don't delay on reserving your spot as space is limited but the enjoyment is not! Cost: $55.00 per person. Call 425-572-6572

Well back to chocolate for me! Remember if you need a gift for anything please DO ORDER EARLY to make sure you get your personal selection!

Thank you again for all the support and for just being an amazing chocolate community! Sweetly, Sandra!

October 6, 2010 @ 11:14pm
LOTS LOTS! Music Live and Wine Specials!

Hi all! Just a quick note. Not one but TWO LIVE music events for this weekend!

Thursday: “There is nothing NORMAL about Grant Stott or his presentations. Most find this factor perfectly refreshing” Come to see one of Grant Stott’s performances and you’ll be dancing in the Isles to the Great Songs.

Grant has been called the “Human Jukebox” because there are nights when he plays every song requested. The night is guaranteed to be filled with great music and plenty of laughs a show you don’t want to miss.

Grant Stott has toured with the likes of B.B. King, Three Dog Night, Peter Noon, Thelma Houston, George Benson, Tracey Nelson, and the Beach boys……

And to Celebrate come see our Wine Specials by the glass! :) I know its short notice but hey!, you weren't busy anyway were ya? So DON"T miss out at Sweet D TOMORROW! FUN starts at 7:30 be early so you can get a great spot!


Come join us tonight as we host "The Hayburners" http://www.thehayburners.com

The Hayburners are a classic folk duo partnership which combines the songwriting talents and acoustic guitar work of Jennifer Spector and David Tieman. The Hayburners charted for 2 months in a row with the national/international FOLK DJ list last year. The single "Bluegrass Band" was #19 for top songs & we are listed just shy of the Top 40 at #42 for top albums for August 2008. But we peaked up at #27 in the month of July 2008 as well as being top 40 @ #35 for top artists!

They start at 7pm and we will be enjoying their tunes until 9pm!

Please join us... wine, appetizers, salad, quiche, music and CHOCOLATE! Free Wine tasting with some new wines w/ Sonie and Doc Hansen!

Also please don’t forget to vote for Sweet decadence on Best of western Washington. We only have til Sunday! http://best.king5.com/sweet-decadence/biz/126692

We so appreciate you! Also this weekend! Caramel Apples and Salt Caramel Cupcakes! Whoaaaa!!!! Hope to see you this weekend!

September 8, 2010 @ 9:29pm 

Snow? HAHA You remember THOSE emails? LOTS happening!

Happy Weds! Oh my goodness for those that have been receiving my emails for a while now, do you remember those ones?? Good grief…. Where has the time gone… …. Or should I say…. Where has the summer gone….. did you get to see it? Those three days? Or were you on vacation when it came… GAH!! (tee hee) :-)

For those of us that did not get the “We are going to Hawaii” memo.. what was with all the Hawaii trips this summer? Did the whole state go? And Kasie and I just missed the flight? Oh my, can ya tell I am a smidge jealous. OK enough RANTING!

HI how are you???? Have ya missed me? What amazingness is happening at Sweet D?!? Well this weekend is PACKED! Thanks to our WONDERFUL little City of Newcastle we get to let it loose this weekend!


· 3- 7 SHOPPING all along the sidewalks!
· LIVE MUSIC! (actually on STAGE in our parking lot)
· 5 LIVE BANDS (all local) starting at 3pm
    o Master Mahan
    o Paragon Peak
    o Seeking Silence
    o Superficial
    o Ryan Penner (The Motive)
· PRIZES: from our local vendors and shops!
     Pendant from Porter Jensen
    $50 John Howe Restaurant
    $50 Sea Star Restaurant
    $50 Sport Restaurant
    Seattle Repertory Theatre Tickets from Diane Lewis
    Mariner Tickets from Puget Sound Energy
· Wine tasting with Doc and Sonie Hansen
· Wine served by the glass (must be 21)
· Try our new light menu of Salads, Quiche and MORE! YUP YUP WE GOTS A MENU NOW!! (gots was a meant spelling error for you teachers out there)


    6 wineries! All WASHINGTON Wines!

Then dun da da DA!!:

ALAN WHITE, legendary British rock drummer of the band “”YES” will perform with his new band "WHITE" as the headliner for the annual community celebration. A Newcastle resident, Mr. White will perform for his "hometown" folks on center stage, Saturday, September 11, at 5:30 p.m. @Lake Boren Park.

So as you can see we are going to be movin and grooving at Sweet D this weekend! Please join us! Rain or Shine…….. preferably SHINE SHINE SHINE… can I hear an AMEN!

Well that’s all the big news I have for ya! Thank you so much for the support and I can’t wait to see ya this weekend as we enjoy Newcastle Days! Stop in at ALL the stores downtown and enter the drawing for prizes!! (on Friday) LOTS AND LOTS OF PRIZES! Thanks to ALL our local business’s!! LOVE our Locals!

Sweetly, Sandra


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