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This is a sampling of our chocolate delights...Come visit us to see our full selection which is added to frequently!

Kasie Ann Caramels both with and without salt: 
WOW this recipe is homemade and tantalizes any food connoisseur.  This namesake creation is a buttery, creamy sensation that is a delight for the most discerning of tasters.

Our Signature Jo Cool: 
Amazing peanut butter with a creamy finish but wonderful crispy crunch. Come to the shop to read a bit about our dear Friend Josephine Cool and her amazing peanut butter candy!

Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry Truffle:
Three of our most popular smooth fruity yet perfectly textured truffle.  These all pair nicely with Red Wine / Syrah.

Team M.I.N.T: 
Surprisingly smooth Crème de menthe with a peppermint finish.  Excellent compliment to finish a satisfying meal.

Aztec Spicy: 
All you can say is Wow!!  Starts off with the sweetness  of oranges then finishes with a surprise of cayenne.  Anyone who tastes this one can not get enough.

Port Truffle: 
Try this one in Milk and wow your taste buds.

Toasted Coconut Truffle: 
This amazes most who sample its coconut goodness.

Kahlua, Rum, Amaretto Truffle:
One can not get closer to the delight of these tantalizing liquors.  One taste and you are hooked.

Gummy Spa: 
Wow this sweet little offering will impress the youngest chocolate lover. They can not request this sweet delight enough!




Gourmet Truffles

Gummmy Spa



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